Sandys Facial & Wellness


Mini Day Spa(1 hr 30min) ... $100

-Signature Facial
-1/2 Hour Body Massage

Spa Special(2 hours) ... $130

-Ultrasonic Facial
-Collagen Mask
-1/2 Hour Body Massage
-Aromatherapy Hand Treatment

Full Day Spa(3 hrs) ... $218

-Bio Lift Tightening Facial
-Bio Eye Treatment
-1 Hour Full Body Massage
-Aromatherapy Hand Treatment

Deep Tissue Massage

Balance and nourish your entire body with this complete massage,it is designed to reduce tension,smoothes sore muscles,increase circulation,and induce deep relaxation.

(30 Minutes $40.00 - 60 Minutes $70.00)

Swedish Massage

A relaxation standard.This traditional styel European body massage promotes relaxation,stimulates circulation and relieves tension.

(30 Minutes $40.00 - 60 Minutes $60.00)

Hot Stone Therapy

This thermal stone massage was used for healing purposes in ancient times.Hot and cold stones are placed on the stress areas of the body releasing tension and toxins as your relax into serenely altered state of mind,and essential oils,hot stone is truly a unique experience.

(30 Minutes $60.00 - 60 Minutes $90.00)